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What can you do with Substital

· 2 min read
Gaëtan Covelli
Michael Gardner

Watch any video, movie or TV show online in your native language!

Substital supports the major video platforms like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Vimeo, Youtube, Dailymotion and it also works on many other online streaming websites. If you find a website where it does not work, please let us know here. Our mission is to fill any language gap that exists whether for entertainment, language learning or to make videos accessible to the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing.

Once you have downloaded Substital, you can:

  1. Add subtitle files to the video: Use the in-built search feature or upload your own subtitle file. You can also drag and drop the file once the search / uppload module is visible on your screen. The supported file formats are SubRip (.SRT) or ZIP archive containing a .SRT.

  2. More than 90+ languages supported: With Substital, you can add subtitles in more than 90 languages (only one at a time, for now). We have also taken extra care for languages with special characters like Greek and Arabic, so that your experience is seamless. 🙂

  3. Choose subtitles that are modified for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing: With the toggle on the top left, you can filter out subtitle files that include important non-dialogue audio like sound effects and speaker identification.

  4. Manually synchronize the subtitles: Sometimes it is hard to find a subtitle file that is synced perfectly. Using the slider in the settings popover, you can move the file by ± 3 seconds only. For changes more than that, type the seconds value in the input and hit Enter to apply!

  5. Change the subtitles font size, text colour and background color.

Hope you enjoy using Substital and if you have feedback on how we can make it even better, let us know here.